We provide these branches with a profile

Schwerter Profile GmbH develops special steel profiles in close cooperation with individual companies. Contrary to the mass production offered by other suppliers, the plant in Schwerte supplies products that have properties that are specified by the customers according to their needs. Our special profiles always solve a special production or construction problem.

Materials handling

and logistics

Warehousing systems and industrial trucks manufacturers have been relying on the know-how and experience of Schwerter Profile GmbH for many years. The designing of special profiles for these branches not only requires profound knowledge of logistical requirements, the profiles also need to be able to withstand extreme loads.

Durable joints, lifting tools for heavy loads, good visibility and stability are specific functions within the industrial trucks branch that can often only be met by special profiles from Schwerte.

We produce special profiles for everything from the smallest stock vehicles to heavy industrial trucks or large high-bay warehouse systems.

Mechanical and plant engineering

Production with
a precision

Precision and load-bearing capacities are fundamental criteria for components that are used in the mechanical and plant engineering industries.

Whether for highly technical tools or production plants, whether guide rails for machines in the textile industry or the woodworking industry – only highly innovative production technology is able to meet the extreme demands of the various machine manufacturers.

Power industry

Full power

Germany’s plant and power station engineering companies have been defending their top position in a global comparison for many years. The projects are economical and reliable.

Schwerter Profile GmbH has a reputation as being a competent partner when it comes to the development and production of special components for large industrial plants or power stations for the generation of power.

Construction engineering

Precision and

Precision and a variety of shapes – special profiles from Schwerte place the construction industry in an advantageous position in many areas.

Components for the most diverse building and civil engineering constructions leave the Schwerte plant on a daily basis: whether interlock sections for technically demanding sheet piling designs or expansion joint profiles for bridges or road joints.

The same is valid for all of the profiles: a minimum weight with a maximum bearing capacity.

As there is also no need for complex welding work and mechanical processing, architects and engineers are able to appreciate the cooperation with Schwerter Profile GmbH.


Profiles for
a perfect

Schwerter Profile GmbH develops customised profile solutions in close cooperation with renowned companies from the industrial trucks industry, the automotive industry and the shipbuilding industry. As a system supplier, we develop the right profile solutions in cooperation with the experts from our customers, before delivering the profiles just in time for direct processing

Reduce the time you require for the manufacturing of your assemblies by directly installing our special ready for installation profile solutions. This saves you the manual, time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive treatment and finishing of norm standard profiles.

Details on the technical dimensions of our profiles can be found here!

Railway engineering

Everything to
do with Rails

Schwerter Profile GmbH has been an innovative partner for “everything to do with rails“.

Whether the high precision of running rails for automatic doors in trains or trams, whether as a rail fastener or as technological applications in the field of rail track construction, special customised profiles are provided for all areas in order to meet requirements.

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In the fast lane

The highest level of endurance, low weight, exact processing throughout, no superfluous material.

Our customers in the automotive industry know how to value these benefits. They have been using the benefits provided by our special profiles for years, in order to continue in the fast lane in this highly competitive market.

Schwerter Profile GmbH has a reputation as being an innovative partner for the automotive and automotive supplies industry.