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Schwerter Profile GmbH is the development partner and systems supplier for companies. Our customers already contact us with their initial idea for or requirement of, a new profile solution. The early cooperation enables us to economically balance out all of the end production aspects in an optimal form, together with our customers. The increasingly customised system and product requirements with the efficiency pressure that is applied at the same time, not only places demands on us as the manufacturer, but also on our customers as suppliers of highly technological complete solutions. Together, we can succeed in uniquely positioning ourselves in the market. We see ourselves as being a system supplier and partner for our customers – starting with the research and development and proceeding through the design and production and terminating with the on time delivery.


that fit

We would be pleased to work on a design concept together with you, in order to take all of your requirements into account. We would be pleased to advise you on the processes, materials and optimisation of the profile geometries, so that you are supplied with a reliable and economical product.



Schwerter Profile GmbH offers customised profile products with the same efficiency and economy as are provided by other manufacturers of mass products, that merely cover standards. Our customers are supplied with profiles that meet your specific needs or wishes and with which, the customer can minimise the expenditure in its own production to an interesting price. In order to make the production of such customised products possible, our customers interact with us. Together, we determine whether one of our previously manufactured profiles can be adapted to your needs or whether we can work together at developing an entirely new product.


The 0 Series

The jointly developed profile geometries are entered in the CAD system in Schwerte with adherence to all of the tolerance requirements, this serving as the basis for the construction of a prototype. Here, individual bars can be produced in order to test new geometries or material variants. After this 0 Series has been tested, modifications can be made and additional agreements reached in connection with the future production process. When the prototype exactly meets your specifications, it serves as a template for a serial production.



Schwerter Profile GmbH conducts both direct research and pre-competitive research, as in the scope of the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association (VDMA) Research Community for Intralogistics/Materials Handling, together with technical universities. Our current studies and partners are:

Topics of material flow
Cooperation with fml – Professorship of Materials Handling, Materials Flow, Logistics at Technical University of Munich
Technical Logistics Topics
Projects in cooperation with Professorship of Machine Elements and Technical Logistics at the Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg
Lift masts with electric drives for industrial trucks
A project in cooperation with the Institute of Technical Logistics and Work Systems at the Technical University of Dresden
Intelligent profiles
A project in cooperation with the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology at the University of Hanover

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You are searching for a competent cooperation partner for your research projects. You want to profit from our practical experience and our know-how in materials science and design technology? Contact us. Our experts shall discuss the possibilities of a cooperation with you during an individual meeting.